Fleenor MFG

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If you have a napkin concept sketch, we can make a machine for you. We have a combined 32 years experience in mobile equipment design in a range of equipment markets from industrial wood grinding, concrete slip form paving, rock drilling, rock cutting, trenching, agriculture, and utility construction vehicles. Our experience is very broad in a wide variety of systems engineering including diesel engine systems, cooling systems, hydraulics and hydrostatics, welding and jigs and fixtures, track drive systems, assembly and field testing.

We can provide a range of services from general layout and design in SolidWorks 3D CAD to complete functional prototype development with detailed blueprints and Bills of Materials. We can even build complete jigs and fixtures to be a turn key solution for taking your idea direct to market profitably. Call us if you have an idea you want turned into reality.

Fleenor Manufacturing. We manufacture for you!